Frequently Asked Questions

We offer top scrap vehicle removal service, so get in touch if you want to arrange collection of your old unwanted vehicle.

Have a question about selling your car on We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions from Selectautoscrap customers. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, or have any further questions, please email or call 9356022555
We also have a full set of FAQs

Our vehicle valuation representatives only require a few details about you and your vehicle to provide an accurate price.
Before you start to fill out your online form we would recommend having the following details on hand to make the process
Registration Number
Make/Model/Year of the car
Full Name
Email Address
Mobile No

No. When you get a quote from we offer you the best price for your vehicle and arrange to collect it for free.
There are no hidden fees when selling your crashed, damaged or unwanted vehicle to us.

No, all quotes are provided with no obligation and are free of charge.

We will still buy your vehicle, but the valuation is reflective of this, due to the possibly reduced reliability and increase of wear and tear

All quotes are offered on the basis that the vehicle will be supplied complete and intact. If parts have been removed or dismantled, the valuation of your vehicle will be done accordingly and price will be adjusted accordingly

Loosing your keys for scrap vehicles is not a problem as we have arrangements to pick up the same

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle won’t roll as we can lift/tow your vehicle in as it is condition

Yes, we do sell spare parts for any vehicle. You can check our website for the same

It doesnt matter if your vehicle is a non runner as we have ample arrangements to pick up/tow the same

We will provide you certificate of deposit , when you deposit vehicle with us

You can claim discount @25% in case of Pvt. Car and @15% in case of commercial vehicle against the COD

The certificate of deposit is valid up to two years and is fully tradable

We operate 7 days a week and can collect cars anytime from 9 am through to late evening during both the week days and
the week end.

We can normally be with you within the hour but that often depends on fleet availability and collections can occasionally take
upto 48 hours.

Selectautoscrap aims to ensure customers experience the best service and value. We provide best
value for your scrap vehicle keeping in view the overall condition of the same

You can easily find out how much your vehicle is worth by entering your vehicle details and address, We
will inspect and valuate your car for the best possible value. Our prices consider the age, make and
model of your vehicle together with value of scrap metal* and any re-usable parts. Quotes are offered
subject to the vehicle being supplied complete and intact.
*Scrap metal is a worldwide commodity and prices fluctuate daily.

Once you've accepted the quote, you will be contacted by our team for completion of paper formalities
(like undertaking to scrap your vehicle) , payment method and arrange a suitable date and time for
collection of your car.

All vehicles collected through our service are scrapped and disposed of in accrordance with the norms
laid down by Govt. of India