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Benefits of Vehicle Scrapping Policy in India

Talking about the benefits of India’s scrappage policy, it comes with multiple incentives! For those opting to scrap their vehicles, the government has disclosed several offers and incentives.

For starters, they shall be rewarded with a best scrap value. The good news doesn’t end there, as the owners will be charged zero registration fees for their new vehicle if they carry and show their certificate of deposit. Additionally, vehicle manufacturers have also been advised to offer a discount on the purchase of new vehicles when shown the certificate of deposit.

On top of that, the state governments have also been asked to offer concessions on motor vehicle tax. These concessions are believed to be up to 25 percent and 15 percent for non-commercial and commercial vehicles, respectively.

However, scrappage policy benefits will also include a reduction in pollution. Once vehicles with high emissions are taken off the road, air pollution will come down. New car sales are also expected to see a rise after the removal of old vehicles from the road.

As new vehicles come with many more safety features than the older ones, the buyers will get a higher safety during travel. Furthermore, the vehicle scrappage centres set by the government will create huge employment opportunities.
Last but not the least, the scrapping of old cars will create a lot of raw materials through recycling, thereby supporting both raw and precious metal recycling industries.

Rules for scrapping an old car:

a.) Write a letter to the RTO about your decision to scrap the vehicle.
b.) Surrender the registration certificate (RC) and the chassis
c.) Submit an affidavit that the car is not under a loan, insurance claims, or pending case court.
d.) The affidavit should even state that the car isn’t involved in any criminal activity.
e.) The concerned insurance company should also be notified about the scrapping of he vehicle
f.) Once all the paperwork is cleared the vehicle scrapping policy, the vehicle is deregistered by the RTO.

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